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I am Catherine, a caregiver for seven years. I worked with families to assist them in taking care of their elderly and I am here to help you with your children. I am a Red Cross Trained Emergency responder and as always, safety is my policy.

I believe in the value of hardwork and fun in learning. Going through various jobs from a kitchen crew member, cashiering to caregiving has given me the insight that the work doesn't matter as long as you put your heart into it.

My commitment to your children is my guarantee.


Hello! mommy, I'm


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You can trust me with...

Toddlers, Infants, Meal prep, Homework help, Toilet training

Activities and interests with kids

Drawing, Reading, Arts+Crafts, Music, Nature walks

Languages Spoken

・Tagalog, ・English

Dell 2023.1.16

Catherine is an amazing baby sitter! My kids always look forward to her visits because she always comes up with fun and creative activities for them to do. They love playing games, doing crafts, and going on little adventures with her. She has a great way of making them feel happy and safe, and they always come back from their time with her with big smiles on their faces. Catherine is also very reliable and responsible, so I always feel comfortable leaving my children in her care. I highly recommend her as a baby sitter and know she will make your kids happy too!

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