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Greetings! With a passion for nurturing young minds, I bring a wealth of experience in caring for children from infants to 13 years old. I am Kristina and I am glad to be your childminder.

I cherish the opportunity to engage in recreational activities that not only entertain but also foster growth and development. My academic background in Psychology and Counseling further equips me with insights into understanding and supporting the unique needs of each child. I look forward to creating a safe and enriching environment where kids can learn, play, and flourish under my attentive care!


Hello! mommy, I'm


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You can trust me with...

Toddlers, Special Needs, Pre-teens, Homework help, Travel support, Toilet training, Meal prep

Activities and interests with kids

Reading, Home-tutoring, Drawing, Nature walks, Arts+Crafts, Sports

Languages Spoken

・English, ・Tagalog

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