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I am a Psychology Masteral Student who have a deep compassion for others, especially for children. My experience with children revolved around being the "ate" of our family compound. I used to gather all the younger kids once a week to have "teacher-teacher-an". I enjoy teaching and spending time with them. I have also experienced taking care of my only child cousin whose mother, a single parent, is an OFW. I lived her for months. I taught her some things but I also learned something from her.

I learned I wanted to help children who are struggling with their personal problems. I realized that they will develop successfully if he/she has the right environment to vent out their emotions, a space where they are not judged. I believed that it is important for kids to have someone as their safe space who can they talk to and share their concerns with. A safe space where they can just do nothing but be a child.


Hello! mommy, I'm


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You can trust me with...

Toddlers, Teenagers, Homework help, Toilet training, Meal prep

Activities and interests with kids

Drawing, Reading, Nature walks, Arts+Crafts

Languages Spoken

・English, ・Tagalog

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