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I served diplomats and took care of their children and their household during their assignments here in the Philippines. I am an accomplished houseparent with merits from the nursing home I worked with overseas.

My name is Jennifer and I made Childminding my profession for 19 years.


Hello! mommy, I'm


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You can trust me with...

Toilet training, Meal prep, Toddlers

Activities and interests with kids

Sports, Reading, Nature walks

Languages Spoken

・Tagalog, ・English

Diane 2023 February

Jeng was earlier than scheduled visit which I liked but I was in a meeting when she arrived and was preparing food for my baby so I had to entertain her while doung some tasks on the side. Anwyay, she was warm, light, able, quick to respond and is friendly toward my baby. They played, practiced walking and read books. The last 45 mins of the session though , my son was already sleepy ( he was crying nonstop) , she then just cleaned the play area and went home as I instructed. I could have made use of another 45 mins into working but I am more comfortable letting my baby sleep with me than with someone else. Overall, i will recommend the service- I even posted in my IG story and some mom friends wer curious about the service 😊

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