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Greetings! I have been a 7 years Sunday School Teacher in our Church and still counting years. I love playing along with children and help them build memories and creativity. I am a trained First aider for childrens. I can play different kaind of musical instruments such as guitar, ukulele, violin and enjoy sharing music with kids. 

I'm a very kind person with a gentle and joyful persona. I work hard to create a positive environment for kids to learn and grow. I like singing, playing different musical instruments, drawing, calligraphy, and reading.


Hello! mommy, I'm


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You can trust me with...

Homework help, Infants, Toddlers, Meal prep

Activities and interests with kids

Music, Dancing, Reading, Arts+Crafts

Languages Spoken

・Tagalog, ・English

Dell 2022 October

Mediatrix watched my daughter (3yrs) for the night and gave me such peace of mind. She made sure my child was cleaned, dressed, read a bedtime story, and in bed on time. It was stress-free for everyone involved.

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