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Hi! I am Patricia Larracas, and you can call me Ms. Tricia for short. I am a SPED Teacher by profession.I handled kids ages 4-8 years old during my Teaching days and I also handled young adults who has special needs.

I love giving care to kids and a helping hand to elders, so I guess that's one of the reason why I took Education. I am amazed to see how development vary from every children that I handled. I love how innocent and pure they are when talking that they leave prints to my heart.

Also, I love learning from them.During my stay, we can play, sing along to educational music, I can read books to your child, we can also do walks, prepare meals together and so on... We can also do artwork activities!


Hello! mommy, I'm


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You can trust me with...

Toddlers, Infants, Meal prep, Homework help, Special Needs, Travel support, Toilet training

Activities and interests with kids

Reading, Music, Arts+Crafts, Nature walks

Languages Spoken

・Tagalog, ・English

Monica 2023 February

A lot of InnaCircle’s ads focus on self-care for moms. For me, the number 1 motivation for booking my childminder was to find one who’s not just trustworthy and responsible, but one who was trained and could do enriching activities with my daughter while I worked from home. Tricia brought some activities but also helped my daughter with the worksheets and craft activity that I prepared. I instantly felt I could trust her with my daughter and could see that my child felt comfortable as well. The 4 hours passed quickly. My daughter didn’t even ask for screentime!

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