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Before Booking

1. Can the childminder clean my house or take care of my pets?

As much as possible and to get the utmost service from The Inna Circle Childminders, their focus is more on taking care of your children as their primary service. Household chores and taking care of your pets are discouraged.

2. What is the maximum hours per booking?

As of the moment, you can book up to 10 hours tops.

3. When are you expanding beyond Metro Manila?

We are doing it as soon as possible! But given that the qualified childminders will undergo a series of screenings and preparations, we can not rush the process. But be updated via our social media posts (IG, FB..) and be in the loop of what’s latest in our services.

4. I have a party next weekend—can I book a childminder for the event?

We’re excited to offer this in the future, but right now, for the safety of all involved, we ask that care takes place in the home.

5. Can you care for kids with special needs?

We are working hard to build a team of qualified childminders who can care for special needs kids with the level of support they deserve and the selection process for this level of support is ongoing. At this time we aren’t prepared to serve children that require advanced support. We will keep you updated as this changes!

6. When can I book a childminder? Are you open on the weekends or early mornings?

Currently, our bookable times are daily, 8AM—10PM (subject to availability).

7. Can I book the childminder immediately?

Unfortunately, we don’t accept bookings for less than 24 hours.

8. What should I do if I don’t live inside the service area, but I really need a childminder?

As of the moment, our service areas are in BGC, Las Piñas, Makati and Parañaque only. Message so we can find ways if you live near the boundaries of the serviceable locations.

9. How do you guarantee my kid will be safe and the childminder is trustworthy?

The Inna Circle Childminders undergo a tedious process prior to presenting them in our roster. The applicants send in their resumé. The founders, Dell and Grace reads them one by one and calls them personally. Other than that, a background investigation will be conducted.

Afterwards, they will be invited to be a part of an on-boarding session where they will also be evaluated according to skill levels and commitment. This is facilitated by the one of the premier universities in teacher training.


After completion, they will undergo an Emergency Response Training Course facilitated by the Philippine Red Cross. Then, more training on childcare will be conducted by the best in the industry -from university professors to service practitioners.

How do we know they are trustworthy? By showing their level of commitment to undergo this tiered selection process and how they are trying to improve their skills with every step.

10. How much per hour?

The amount depends on the kind of service that you need for your children. Book your schedule and we will send a quote right away.


1. What if I need to change my booking?

Kindly email us at and we will work on the rescheduling if the need arises.

2. Why I can’t find any childminders on the platform?

Maybe all the childminders are not available with your time, please click “edit search” to change the time. If you still cannot find the childminder, please email us at

3. I didn’t receive the booking confirmation.

To check if you really received a booking confirmation email, first search “”. If not, check your spam or trash folder. If these didn’t work, please email with the subject DID NOT RECEIVE A BOOKING CONFIRMATION EMAIL.

4. If I don’t like my childminder?

We would love to provide the best experience for you, please email us at We will respond and find a new match in an hour.

During Booking

1. Can I extend my booking time during a session?

During Booking

1. Can I extend my booking time during a session?

We appreciate that you enjoy your time with the childminder on duty with you. But please bear in mind that after the serviceable hours, childminder on duty may have to run to her next booking. As much as they might want to accommodate your request, extensions are not allowed as a courtesy to the next family.

2. If I have some issues during the booking?

Kindly call our attention and email us at with

the subject BOOKING ISSUES.

3. If the childminder didn’t show up??

Call or text The Inna Circle emergency hotline number “+63 -917 155 4662. We will handle the situation ASAP.

For Mom

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