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Hello! Being well-dedicated to my passion which is nurturing and providing a day-to-day care to individual does truly makes my heart fonder.


You can trust me with...



Meal prep

Homework help

Toilet training,

Travel support


Activities and interests with kids

Nature walks



Multi-Media Skillset



Languages Spoken




I highly recommend Imelda as she is very kind, courteous and smart. She knows what she is doing and is 100% attentive to my child’s needs the whole time she was here. She read books to my baby and teaches the alphabet with nursery rhymes in the background. My child definitely enjoyed her company. 

 Nikki 2023 January 


Imelda has such a warm, genuine, and light aura. The moment she stepped in our home, I felt that she has a genuine love for children. My son was immediately comfortable and friendly with her which is quite rare as our child does not warm up immediately even with our friends and relatives. I guess children really gravitate towards calming and caring energies. She did not overwhelm nor hover at all. She followed my child's lead and did not interfere with independent play. She was caring, mindful, and supportive. She fed my little one and even proactively trimmed his nails (which is amazing since he never lets anybody else do it before). My son was super happy and contented when we got home. Thanks Imelda and Inna Circle!

Aizel 2023 February 

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