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Meet Ivy

Good day! I am Ivy. I am creative in active fun activities and educational games because I enjoy seeing kids have fun while learning. I have experience in taking care of kids. I help my mother to take care of my 2 younger siblings, nieces, and godchild. I am trained in Red Cross Emergency First Aid. There are no adequate words to describe how much joy working with kids has given to my life.

I am always forming relationships and cooperating with others in my profession as an educator. I love that I can support other parents by watching their kids while they work and giving moms time for themselves. At the same time, I can nurture kids and provide them with so many wonderful learning opportunities.


You can trust me with...

Activities and interests with kids




Travel support

Special needs

Homework help

Toilet training

Meal prep




Nature walks


Languages Spoken




Ivy is very patient and energetic. She immediately introduced herself with my son and they started playing right away. She kept the interest of my 3 y/o son while not losing sight of my 7 y/o. She brought age-appropriate activities for them and kept them engaged. They didn't use gadgets for the whole duration of Ivy's stay and I am satisfied.

Denise 2023 February 


Ivy, she was soft-spoken which is great. Very respectful. I was at home when she took care of our 3yr old. I locked myself away in our room so she can focus on the kid. She was able to give activities which my son enjoyed. And the entire time they were engaged with each other. It was a great experience i would assume. As my son would utter the words "..but ill miss you" as Ivy would bid her goodbye.

Sidney 2023 February 

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