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Hi! Mapag palang umaga/gabi para sa'yo. My name is Ma. Lourdes Ysao, you can call me 'Ria' for short. I have over 10 years experience working with kids ages 1-17. I love music and writing poems with kids because I think of myself as a big sister type. I take safety very seriously and am trained in CPR and first aid for infants and children. I'm a very honest and responsible person that prioritizes her actions and values accountability.

I hold myself to these standards and I model that behavior with the kids I work with. I believe in direct communication and treating kids as they would like to be treated. I am interested in music and writing poems and love helping students with writing homework.


You can trust me with...

Homework help



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My baby is a kid that's aloof w/ strangers, and I was really surprised to see how he was comfortable with her! Ate Maria / Lourdes was very kind, she came prepared, even brought toys with her! One of my favourite things with her is that she's singing to Mumu (he loves signing!!!), she's active & attentive, and she has a special connection with Mumu. Mumu even hugged her & lets her carry him (this is very rare!!!)

Celine 2023 February 


I adore Ria because she has genuinely cared about my child's well-being. She is extremely vivacious and got along so well with Dylan because she knows how to speak to and respect kids Dylan's age in a direct manner. I adore how she persuaded Dylan to participate in his educational activity despite his exuberant playfulness. Kudos to Ria!

Kristine 2023 February 

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