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I am a 4th year Psychology Student who is trained to be interactive with children through task-driven activities.
I believe that children who were given the freedom to choose their task during play and finish it on schedule would make them feel accomplished. This will help them develop their decision making and leadership skills.

Even at an early age, children should be made aware of the power of communication. It is important that the child can express and communicate their feelings so we can understand the child’s thought process and come up with solutions.
I can adjust according to the child’s interest and at the same time, discover their potential and work on their weaknesses. The care sessions will be filled with movements, thought processing and task oriented but fun activities.
I can assure that I have no known record that may impact my social and professional profile. I am also a trained Red Cross First Aid Emergency responder.


You can trust me with...

Activities and interests with kids


Homework help

Special Needs


Travel support

 Meal prep



Nature walks




Languages Spoken




Rosalyn is an exceptional childminder who creates a safe and nurturing environment for children. During the care session, she engages with the children by playing games, reading stories, and providing activities that are both educational and enjoyable. She is always attentive to their needs and encourages them to explore and express themselves.

One of the things I appreciate most about Rosalyn is her clear communication with both parents and children. She is always available to answer any questions or concerns, and she updates parents on their child's progress and activities throughout the day. She also explains rules and expectations to the children in a way that is easy for them to understand.

Rosalyn takes great care in providing healthy and nutritious meals for the children. She offers a variety of foods and ensures that each child's dietary needs are met. She also teaches children the importance of healthy eating habits.

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